Lab director: Dr. Peter B. Luh, SNET Professor of Communications & Information Technolog, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Connecticut

The mission of the laboratory is to advance the information technology and mathematical optimization techniques of strategic importance to the society, including Intelligent Manufacturing Systems-planning, scheduling, and coordination of design, manufacturing, and service activities; Smart and Green Buildings and Eco Communities-optimized energy management, HVAC fault detection and diagnosis, emergency crowd guidance, and eco communities; Smart Power Systems-smart grid, design of auction methods for electricity markets, robust renewable (wind and solar) integration to the grid, electricity load and price forecasting with demand management, and micro grid; and mathematical optimization of large-scale mixed-integer problems, and decision-making under uncertain, distributed, or antagonistic environments. For the past 30 years, the research in the laboratory was continually supported by NSF and industry (Southern California Edison, ISO-New England, MISO, Alstom, Northeast Utilities, Inotera Memories, UTRC, GE, Toshiba, etc.). Results from research has led to the publication of 100+ journal papers, 260+ conference papers, and 24 Ph.D. students graduated.




 Paper & Testing Results